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The app is available for downloading from multiple platform and it is comparatible with all modern devices.


Seamless Collaboration

Conversations - Tasks - Information on all level of Your Organization will always be at the single place with ChatOps, You can work collaboratively with your team to make the task faster, more funny and effectively without any barrier of multi-application.


Things Make ChatOps Difference

  • Connect / Integrate

    The ability to integrate deeply into any enterprise application through integrated applications

  • Automation

    Automation of operation of enterprises using AI / Machine Learning technology

  • Customize

    Highly customizable, customers can master data / systems completely

Awesome Apps


  • Direct chat

    One on one conversation with any of your contacts.

  • Group chat (team & channel)

    Channel can be created for team or for new project

  • Pin

    “Pin” important chats so they’re easily accessible

  • Hashtag

    Hashtags can be used to make messages easily searchable by tagging them with a specific topic

  • Search

    Search through your messages by keywords

  • Rich markdown formatting

    With just a couple of extra characters, Markdown makes rich document formatting quick and beautiful

  • Emoji

    Emoji help convey tone and intent, both of which are frequently lost in translation when communicating online


  • Voice & Video call

    Conduct a face-to-face video conference with members in the chat room

  • Screen sharing

    Share screen at conferences so others can see your activity


  • Multi platform

    Custom desktop, email and mobile notifications

  • Customize

    Keyword mention alerts


  • Safer, more convenient

    Users can sign-in with their SAML credentials, display user information from SAML, such as first and last name, email and username


  • Personal Kanban

    Support Personal Kanban to manage self "todo", "doing", "done".

FILE Management

  • File upload

    Upload files in various formats such as spread sheet, word document, and image file

  • File preview

    Preview uploaded images right in your browser

  • File management

    View all of the files that uploaded so far

Integrated App

  • Q&A BOT

    Integrated BOT using AI / Machine Learning technology

  • Google Translate

    Integrate Google Translate on each interaction

  • Fanpage Contact Management

    Managing customer interaction to Facebook Fanpage

Pricing Plan

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  • 15 accounts (users)
  • Unlimited messages
  • 10Gb storage
  • Unlimited time
  • 1 workspace
  • 3 groups
  • Chat
  • Video Call
  • Tasks Management
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Google Translate


  • Unlimited accounts (users)
  • Unlimited messages
  • 50Gb storage
  • Unlimited time
  • 1 workspace
  • Unlimited groups
  • Chat
  • Video Call
  • Task Management
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Video Call
  • Google Translate
  • Fanpage Contact Management
  • AI BOT

Self host

Full control over your data
  • Incoming and outgoing webhooks
  • Custom slash commands
  • Plugins and extensions
  • Bots and developer toolkit
  • Robust API library
  • OAuth 2.0 applications
Easy to build and integrated tools
  • Data retention policies
  • Custom terms of service
  • AD/LDAP authentication and sync
  • Enforced multi-factor authentication
  • SAML 2.0 single sign-on
  • Command line and database management tools
  • Performance and system monitoring

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